25965861 Hydraulic Liftgate Pump motor GM 2010-15 Cadillac SRX 10-14 CTS Wagon SRX Lift Gate Hydraulic Pump HOERBIGER

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Cadillac tail door pump SRX backup trunk motor luggage box hydraulic pump SRX tail door support rod hydraulic pump

10-16 Cadillac SRX Tail Door Hydraulic Pump Backup Tank Oil Pump Motor Tail Door Lift Motor

Cadillac SRX tail door hydraulic pump tail door oil piezoelectric motor backup box hydraulic pump tail door lifting motor

SRX electric tail door hydraulic pump motor Cadillac SRX tail door suction pump motor Cadillac pump door suction problem, as the use of time increases, the door will generally not suck well to use the problem.

Causes of this problem

1. Door suction and leakage

2. Door sinking

3. Aging fatigue of door suction motor.

After disconnecting the battery, the reconnection is to clear the door and suck the information stored in the computer, including the fault information.

But after a certain period of time, the computer will record the abnormal operation of the faulty door suction, such as the aging fatigue of the door suction motor, the increase of the working current of the motor, the overheating of the motor and other faults.

The computer will fail to protect the door from sucking. In general, this fault can be repaired by replacing the door suction motor without air leakage and door sinking.

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