Hyundai Equus Handbrake Motor GEAR 1070176 JOHNSON 59700-3M900 Hyundai Equus Electronic Handbrake Motors Gear

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The hand brake button is unlighted and there is a P word fault code in the instrument

A simple maintenance method to deal with the failure of electronic hand brake lights.

Maintenance strategy is applicable to: generally, it is due to bad aging of motor or damage of electronic hand brake box gears (such as gear cracking or wear)

It is not recommended that the owner take risks by himself (requiring professional maintenance personnel). If there is short circuit of hand brake computer board or motor, the owner will not be responsible for the loss caused by short circuit. Excuse me!

When the car has this fault light. Put the car up! Open a box on the rear chassis directly, then replace the motor or hand brake box gear. After replacement, don't forget to punch black glue on the cover and tighten the screw from the new stain to eliminate the trouble lights.

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