Hyundai Mirror fold motor Verna RV Verna celesta Elantra MISTRA SONATA iX25 iX35 Tucson Santafe ENCINO ACCENT Mirror motor

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When the rearview mirror has the following fault symptoms, it is basically certain that the motor in the rearview mirror assembly is aging, or the motor is burnt out, or the motor carbon brush is worn and weak. After replacing the new motor, the fault can be basically eliminated.




When the owner wants to control the folding or unfolding of the rearview mirror, the rearview mirror cannot control the unfolding or unfolding. It can be basically confirmed that the motor is damaged. However, it is not ruled out that the gears of other parts of the assembly are damaged.




Remove the electric rearview mirror assembly, remove the old motor, replace the motor, and the fault will be basically solved.

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