Jaguar XJ6 XJ8L X-TYPE X Type Door Lock Actuator motor DOOR LOCK LATCH ACTUATOR FRONT RIGHT Jaguar XJ XJ6 XJ8 XJR X350

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Jaguar XJ6 XJ8L X-TYPE X Type Door Lock Actuator motor DOOR LOCK LATCH ACTUATOR FRONT RIGHT Jaguar XJ XJ6 XJ8 XJR X350 

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When the car door malfunction symptoms, basically can be determined that the car lock block assembly inside the motor aging, loss of function, or burn out, or carbon brush wear more than the validity period

Problem symptoms:

1. use the car remote control key to lock the car, such as the car door lock is not, the motor has broken down, stop working, do not turn. Also unlock with a remote control key,

If the car door lock can not be solved, the door can not open, but also the motor bad. It can't open the door from outside, but it can be opened from inside, and then without locking the car,

You can always open the door outside. If you unlock the car again, you still have the same problem. You can open the door inside, but you can't open the door outside.

The automobile remote control key is to control the motor inside the door lock. If you can't control it, the motor is completely broken.

2. when using a car remote control key to lock a car, the door lock can sometimes be locked, sometimes jammed, or sometimes remotely operated,

Sometimes half of the card does not move, and several times by remote control can be opened; this means that the motor aging almost, the motor torque has been reduced,

The power of the motor has not been able to carry the spring of the lock block. This situation is that the motor can rotate, but there is no proper strength and it needs to be replaced.

3., when the car is running, the door locks, there is a faulty door lock, which can open the door, which is very dangerous, it is necessary to quickly replace the motor

4. when the door control button to unlock the owner, which does not open, the outside can open; or when the owner of the car with the remote control key lock,

It can be opened outside; or when the owner uses the remote control key to unlock the door, it can not be opened outside; basically the motor is broken.


1. locks block always easy to change and repair, just disassemble the lock block assembly, and then use the tool to open, replace the motor and install back, and completed, and full of achievements

2. replace the motor directly or the lock block assembly which is better? The original lock block assembly 4S shop fee will be 1000 yuan, while the change of a motor is very cheap, two is more than 10 times.

As the original lock block, the hardware and plastic parts live at least more than 10 years, so the replacement of the motor is equivalent to the original quality lock block assembly almost;

Because the carbon brush in the motor service life expires. At the same time, the induction switch and IC chip in the lock block, the life of the original factory is basically more than 30 years.

Replace the motor, find the microchip is the best choice.

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